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By Jaclyn Mika

The Ryerson men’s volleyball team served up a double win this weekend against the Royal Military College. Though the Rams looked rough around the edges and the scores were often tight, Ryerson took game one Friday night in three straight sets.

They went on to win Saturday morning 3-2.

“It’s hard to say a lot about a game like this,” coach Mirek Porosa said, adding that the Rams still have another week of training to do. “But [our team] looks promising.”

The exhibition double header gave the Rams a break from the physical training which they have been working on. It was a chance to work on their mental game and tackle the precision needed on the court.

“The score is secondary at this point,” Porosa said.

The games marked the second time the Rams had taken on an opponent since coming together as a team this year. With Porosa at the net as the referee, instead of on the bench, the Rams were forced to make their own on-court decisions.

A smattering of fans in the stands helped with encouraging cheers, but the Rams themselves made the most noise. RMC came back with a feet-stomping, hand-clapping cheer, but the counter cheer made by the Rams and their fans overpowered it.

The Rams were overpowering on the court as well. Ryan Vandenburg and Matt Fugard, in particular, used their well-placed spikes against the RMC blockers, but both teams had numerous service errors and out-of-bounds hits.

“Our goal is going to be to utilize this power,” Porosa said, adding that they will be working to make their serves and blocks more consistent. Porosa said there were impressive moments in each set, but that he couldn’t single out an individual effort.

“It’s still too early to talk about details,” Porosa said. “There’s still one more week and then the fun will start.”

Absent from the court was all-star Anton Hauser. Hauser flew to Brazil Friday morning to take part in the FIVB beach volleyball tournament in Rio de Janeiro. Porosa said he knew when he recruited Hauser that beach volleyball was his first priority and had no problems with him playing in international tournaments.

“My goal is to help him make the Olympics in Beijing.” Ryerson’s next game is 7 p.m. Wednesday night at Humber College.

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