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Think your campus has gone to shit? Well it has. Fear not, Captain Ryerson will help you find your way to class, incident free.

Top 10 things around campus in need of fixing

1.  School spirit

2.  No bloody tampons

3.  Residence roofs collapsing

4.  Leaky skywalks

5.  Inactive escalators in Jorgenson Hall

6.  Ryerson Varsity Athletics

7.  The Theatre School

8.  Tim Hortons lines too long

9.  No Muslim prayer space

10.  Trust

Kerr Hall

11.  KHE 119 blinds falling down

12.  KHS 051 six broken chair backs laying on floor

13.  Black cable peeling off wall that it was once duct-taped to

14.  KHW black splotches all over walls in hallway

15.  Dozens of lockers dented/ vandalized/ unusable

Jorgenson Hall

16.  Directions to health centre hung with elastics

17.  Dozens of lounge seats ripped, exposing foam

18.  JOR 257 classroom ceiling panel gone

19.  Third and fourth-floor escalators don’t work

20.  Fifth-floor exit sign partly burnt out and hanging crooked

21.  Engineering dungeon, basement-level between Kerr and Jorgenson, the entire place needs to be fixed

22.  Basement elevator lobby, the molding along the base of the wall has been torn away leaving nothing but crumbling concrete

23.  Half-a-dozen lockers are without doors

24.  ATM outside hub cafeteria sign reads: “It eats ppl’s cards”

Business Building

25.  Holes in ceiling, first floor

26.  Room 104, electrical outlets ripped out of wall

27.  Among others, railing on north stairwell bent

28.  Third-floor water fountain covered in rust and mold

29.  Room 572 broken blinds

30.  Pillars in the middle of class-rooms block view


31.  Varsity athletics

32.  Water fountain outside men’s change room out of order

33.  Elevator out of order

34.  Towel dryer breaks often

35.  Lockers off hinges in women’s change rooms

Rogers Communication Centre

36.  Computer lab printers are always out of paper/ toner

37.  First-floor water fountain only spouts 1 1/2 inches high

38.  The third floor is barren and hugely wasted in a school claiming it needs more space

39.  Left aisle seat in Eaton theatre


40.  Shelving units in cellphone zone on seventh and eighth floors strewn around

41.  All the books are from the 1960s

42. Towel dispenser on sixth-floor washroom destroyed

Sally Horsefall Building/ Eric Palin Hall

43.  Masking tape for room numbers

44.  South elevator roof cracked

45.  Upturned carpets are a tripping hazard

46.  No garbage or recycling bins in classrooms

47.  Class 105 missing a clock and fire alarm

48.  Ceiling tile panels missing

49.  EPH lounge cushions are missing, holes through the wall to the hallway

50.  None of the lockers downstairs are usable

Theatre Building

51.  Ballet bars falling off walls

52.  Light fixtures in studios falling off and burnt out

53.  Numerous sewing machines broken

54.  Room 201 filled with crap

55.  Studios are frequently invaded by silverfish

Pitman Hall/ ILLC/ O’Keefe House

56.  O’Keefe in general, recently a ceiling collapsed forcing a student to vacate

57.  Ceilings on floor 11 have collapsed and forced student evacuation

58.  Dryers on numerous floors of Pitman will not work

59.  Handicap entrance is broken

60.  ILLC’s maroon carpets duct-taped together

Engineering Building

61.  Not enough chairs

62.  No markers for dry boards

63.  Room 356 burnt out lights

64.  Some washroom taps are reversed (cold water from left tap, hot water from right)

Student Centre

65.  Copyrite basement floods

66.  Stairwell ceiling leaks

67.  So far, just a concrete hole


68.  Not transparent

69. Not accountable

70. Not student focused

The streets of Ryerson

71. The homeless need a home

72. “No parking sign” jammed in trash

73.  Concrete bench outside north Rogers Centre is covered in purple graffitti

74.  Water damage has distorted and lifted bricks near the drains in the Quad

75.  Crooked lamps post on Victoria Street

76.  Wide crack in the outer walls between the Student Centre and Interior Design building

77.  A big swivel chair has been dumped inside the alcove to the right of the RAC entrance

Architecture Building

78.  Vandalized welcome sign

79.  Broken third-floor urinal

80.  Broken bike racks

81.  Vents need to be cleaned

Image Arts Building

82.  Third-floor ceiling leak gets the stairwell wet

83.  Freight elevator (the only lift in the building) is inaccessible and requires two people to operate

Graphic Communications Management Building

84.  Fluorescent lights flicker in labs because they weren’t designed to be dimmed

85.  Hot running water issues in the washrooms

86.  Elevators too damn slow

87.  Water fountain busted

Interior Design Building

88. West-entrance wheelchair ramp is too steep and rickety

89.  Bucket collects water from leaky valve in 3rd floor studio

90.  Elevators lack sensors, so doors close on people

91.  Fourth-year section “cage” is “wobbly and pointless”; everyone wants it removed

92.  Weak floors creak

93.  Printing lab frequently down

Civil Engineering Building

94.  Weak water fountain on first floor

95.  Cover plates for sockets missing

96.  Poor circulation; fumes from soil testing flowing to top floors

97.  Lab chairs without seats

98.  Wonky heating/ cooling system

99.  Water-damaged ceiling tiles in the computer labs; some have holes

100.  Chipped paint in hallways

101.  Faculty door signs ripped off

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