You didn’t sell your soul to Eggy

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I see you have principles. Nice.

You take the letter out of your back pocket. You look at it closely, inspecting the wax seal and fine calligraphy. “So, you have been expecting me?” you ask Lachemi. “What’s this letter worth to you then?”

Lachemi takes a long pause, and a longer pull of his blunt. “Is that a honeyberry backwoods?” you ask, salivating. Lachemi replies: “Yes, $250,000, and yes.”

You are completely shocked. You thought they stopped selling honeyberries in Canada. AND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Holy guacamole. That’s alotta guap. A big chunka change. A crap-ton of capital. It’s like a whole year of Lachemi’s salary.

Do you give Lachemi the letter in exchange for $250K?


Hell nah

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