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By Sarah Boesveld

Ryerson’s Adventure Society lives for the rush — and the tunes.

Whether that energy comes from swishing their skis down treacherous slopes in Quebec, whitewater rafting through the churning Ottawa River or rocking out to passionate, high energy music — this student group sure knows how to get its thrills.

The society held a fundraising event last Friday evening, featuring a pub night at the Ram in the Rye and a performance by local nu-metal band Avenue Road. The band, based in the Rexdale/Woodbridge area, entertained the enthusiastic crowd.

Avenue Road’s rock influences include Incubus and the Deftones, and they find inspiration in newer scream-o bands such as Story of the Year. “We try to incorporate parts of what we like into our songs,” bass player Davin Kiss says. Highlights of the show were true-to-form covers of alternative favourites “Wonderwall” by Oasis and “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters. The band’s original songs were also very impressive, strengthened by the double guitars, soaring lead vocals, and the occasional injection of screaming and metal breakdowns. The five-piece band has enjoyed a significant amount of success this past year.

After winning the Indie Soundclash Battle of the Bands at the Reverb last fall, Avenue Road is enjoying more attention from local promoters and is consistently growing a larger fan base. Though the band has basked in the limelight of the local Toronto scene, they remain focused and down to earth. Kiss says he hopes to play more fundraising shows like the Adventure Society’s in the future. Overall, the band just wants to see the audience rocking out.

“We play music for the love of music. We’ll play a show for nothing, as long as people have a good time,” Kiss says. And they certainly did. After the energetic show, audience members toured downstairs to the Ram in the Rye to socialize and dance to DJ Strut’s spins before planning their next excursion. You might never have heard of the Adventure Society. That’s probably because they are an Oakham House society and receive little funding from the RSU.

Patrick de Guia, an executive with the society, says that all of the money the society receives goes towards their adventures. “We do try to cover some of the costs in order to fit the student’s budget,” he adds. One thing President Jennylyn Pringle loves about the society is that it brings balance and fun to her busy student life. “It’s been really beneficial on a social aspect,” she says. “The one thing that gets me through school is (the Adventure Society).”

The group has collected some regulars and is always open to new faces. Members are also free to plan some of the trips themselves. Fourth-year urban planning student and longtime member Jan Skoczny-Gratton did just that. He organized this year’s Quebec ski trip. He praises the society for helping him come into his own. “I find that it’s a great group, a great way to meet new people and friends and keep yourself active,” he says. Keeping active is one of the most important aspects of the society, de Guia says.

He notes that because Ryerson is a commuter school, students often go home after class instead of getting involved with student groups and meeting people with similar interests. “Being trapped inside all day is horrible for anybody — being able to try something new is always great.”

The group is currently selling tickets for its next excursion to Blue Mountain during reading week.

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