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By Maurice Cacho

News Editor

If I worked at CFS, I would be crying with laughter right now. Bringing 16,000 Ryerson students into the federation was child’s play because nobody cares.

In fact, if CESAR held a referendum on joining the Communist party, nobody would probably vote against it.

In my view, this referendum was a joke. There was no minimum number of ‘yes’ votes required to join.

If four students voted in favour of federating and only one opposed it, CESAR would still join CFS, even if the other 15,995 didn’t vote. Democracy, eh?

What’s with this apathy? How can nobody have a different point of view? Surely, more than a handful of people could have voted against joining CFS. After all, the CFS almost lost a referendum about a year ago.

In October 2005, about 45 per cent of the members of the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union voted against joining CFS.

And in the end, after a legal battle between parties that opposed and supported the federation, the results were thrown out. A judge recently annulled the referendum due to concerns over how it was run.

But it doesn’t seem like students at Ryerson really care about lobbying.

I just hope a student group doesn’t hold a referendum on mandatory castration. Nobody would vote against it.

And I like having balls.

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