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By Suzie Holmemacher

“Special” to The Dryersonian

For the first time in its history and just as the worst of winter sets in, the Winners Fellowship finally won.

And the prize tasted yummy.

The Ryerson Slackers’ Union (RSU) sponsored group held its first ever bake sale yesterday in the Monetary Times Building on Gerrard Street next to the Architecture Building.

According to the sale’s promoter, Cynthia Goebbels, the chocolate cupcakes were the hottest commodity.

“The chocolate cupcakes were definitely the best seller,” said Goebbels, who personally prefered her home-made nanaimo bars.

Alongside the popular chocolate cupcake, which sold for $1.00, the Fellowship offered banana bread, brownies, strawberry tarts, blueberry tarts, peacan tarts, mixed-fruit tarts and cookies.

“Everything on the table was so delicious,” said Goebbels, who only tried her home-made nanaimo bars.

The price of the average treat was $1.00. Goebbels, a third-year politics and public administration student, said the bake sale sold 31 items.

A Dryersonian investigation concludes that the sale made more than $100.

“It was a big success,” said Anthony Purchase, first-year accounting student and the sale’s co-coordinator. “We had everything. We had strawberry tarts, blueberry tarts, peacan tarts and even mixed-berry tarts. It was just a big success.”

And the public agreed.

Dana Ross, sixth-year biology student, said that she bought a tart — although there was some difficulty in deciding.

“It was so hard choosing which tart to buy. There were so many to choose from. They had strawberry tarts, blueberry tarts, peacan tarts and even mixed-berry tarts.

“I love mixed-berry tarts,” she added.

Ross remembers spending summers in Kenora, Ont., where she baked tarts with her Grandmother using fresh berries from the garden.

The Fellowship’s delicious dessert reminded Ross of her Grandmother, who died from malaria in September.

“It’s just so hard, but eating mixed-berry tarts helps me cope with the pain,” Ross said.

And Goebbels feels that helping people was the the ultimate goal of the Fellowship’s bake sale.

“I wish that every person who bought a tart was reminded of someone close to them who has died. That would let me know that the Winners Fellowship has truly won,” Goebbels said.

But things weren’t all sweet.

Emergency crews rushed two students to St. Michael’s Hospital after suffering from allergic reactions.

Although the hospital could not release their names, doctors suggested that the students might have consumed a cookie that contained traces of peanuts.

Goebbels was shocked upon hearing of the incident, and said that none of the cookies had touched peanuts.

“It could have been the pecantarts,” she said. Both students are in critical conditions.

— with files from Mittens

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