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By Jessica Ford

Arts & Life Editor

Job, shmob. If you’re looking to earn some quick, easy cash in unconventional ways, this is the guide for you. Get off your slacker ass and give these a try.

Become a busker, seriously

Find your inner talent, whether it be singing, juggling or playing the kazoo, and take to the streets. The TTC holds auditions in August (too late for this time around) for about 160 subway musicians and charge $150 for a license. But that doesn’t mean you can’t just park your rear on the curb and hope for the best. There is obviously no set income; it all depends on the mood of passersby and your skills. This job can be great exposure if you’re actually talented. You may even be recruited as the 73rd member of Broken Social Scene.

Sell your stuff on eBay

Take time this fall to clean out your closet and evaluate what could get you some money in the online auction world. Be strategic with your choices. You might not always get the original value of your item, but if you never use it, you may as well see what you can earn. Also, anticipate potentially sold-out concerts and try to buy tickets (think U2, Coldplay, Justin Timberlake). Seats at big name shows can get you double or triple the original price. EBay isn’t free, but basic listings don’t cost much. Visit EBay.ca for more.

Be a nude model Are you the roommate that is always naked when guests are over and makes everyone feel awkward? Try your hand at nude modelling, a la art classes — not porn. A good way to go about getting into nude modeling is to place a classified ad in a newspaper or online. You can also contact community art programs to inquire about upcoming classes that may need your “skills.

Secret shop ’til you drop

You private detective wannabes will get a kick out of this job as you catch slackers at work. Fast food and retail stores hire secret shopping firms to send people to their store as a regular buyer and test out the customer service. With a hidden camera in your briefcase, you can uncover the true horrors of unfolded T-shirts. Gasp! If you are a mystery shopper for a restaurant chain, you can even get a free meal out of it.

For a list of secret shopping companies, go to Volition.com/mysteryint.html.

Be Ryerson’s Perez Hilton

The blogging world’s most dubious and delightful character, Perez Hilton, has made money that rivals the fortunes of the celebrities he critiques. Ad space on Perez’s blog can reportedly run for $9,000 per ad, with the most expensive package commanding $45,000. Although you might not get that paycheque from documenting your drunk weekend escapades, compelling commentary that draws a significant following can get you some cold hard cash. Try reporting on gossip around the Ryerson campus. Is Nora Loreto sporting a baby bump? Is Sheldon Levy going to be a co-host on The View?

Go to Problogger.net to find out how to make money out of your blog.

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