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By Erin Valois

Sports Editor

Sports and Recreation is hiring a new manager of interuniversity sport to replace current manager Karen Hood-Deshon, who will go on maternity leave in April.

Ivan Joseph, director of athletics, said the department is looking for an experienced candidate to fill the role — preferably from another university.

“We would prefer someone who’s had the job elsewhere and willing to relocate,” he said.

The temporary position is for a year, and starts in March.

Although Student Services went through a major overhaul last semester and management positions were declared redundant, Joseph said this is not a position that can be vacant for a year.

“I could be the manager and athletic director, but it would be too big a job for one person,” he said. “There isn’t anywhere in Ontario where one person runs athletics and recreation.”

The manager of interuniversity sport is the first in command for athletics and makes sure all the varsity teams adhere to league policies and student athlete needs are met.

The position is listed as internal which means current employees of the school will be interviewed before outside applicants.

The new manager will be required to know the ins and outs of the university, but Joseph said he’s not looking for a coach to fill the temporary vacancy because most of them are time-strapped already.

“You have to be careful asking a coach to fulfill that role,” he said. “We already ask them to do so much, we don’t want them to burn out.”

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