Hammerhead exhibit: See the world through a shark’s eyes

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By Shannon Higgins

Arts & Life Editor

If you ever wanted to swim with the fishes, now’s your chance. Fourth-year new media student Ella Myers has created an interactive sculpture named Hammerhead that lets people experience the world through the eyes of a shark.

“We as humans rely on sigh and it’s important to remember that that’s not the only way to see,” Myers said.

Using optics, electronics, mirrors and lenses, Myers was able to reproduce the way a hammerhead shark experiences objects in its environment. To use the mobile sculpture, a person steps up to the device and looks through, much like a view finder.

A front sensor plays audio feedback and a lateral sensor causes the handles to vibrate if people pass by.

“It’s about how we see the world,” Myers said. “It’s supposed to make people think.”

Hammerhead will be on display at Meta, the fourth-year new media show that runs April 16-19.


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