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It took hundreds of classes, thousands of dollars and one degree until I finally felt like a Ryerson student.

The moment didn’t happen when I finished my last exam or when I was handed my degree. It came months after convocation, during the annual frosh kegger organized by Ryerson’s engineers.

The Annex frat house hosting the party was dirty, grimy and filled with horny first-year engineers looking for some loving.

But it was perfect.

Growing up in Canada we’re brought up watching American movies and television where every university experience is Animal House. We want the frat parties, the keg stands and the crusty professors.

Anywhere north of the border — and especially at Ryerson — it’s almost impossible to be found. But for that moment at the kegger, I was living that sought-after American experience.

In this week’s issue — from our cover story to an undercover feature — we examined the issue from several different angles.

Features editor Rodney Barnes takes a critical look at student spirit at Ryerson and why our students aren’t defined by their university experience. Our associate news editor Shirley Lin dons the kilt and sees whether Ryerson students are missing out on the fraternity and sorority experience. And the RSU takes a huge step towards creating a better campus feel by finally shutting down Gould Street.

What all these stories have in common is a sense of ownership. Whether it be an identity, a campus group or a street, students need to feel they own a stake in their university experience to really give a damn.

It’s why our campus groups are so successful and why I’m still at the Eyeopener after five years.

The next few weeks is the best time to volunteer and get involved with our newspaper. We could always use more writers, photographers and copy editors. We don’t care what year or program you’re in either — everyone is welcome.

So stop by our office (we’re on the second floor of the SCC), eat our free Salad King, drink our beer and claim your own part of this university.

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