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By Allyssia Alleyne


Ladies, you’re going to want to invest in a pair of expensive, curve-hugging jeans. The more rhinestones on the back pocket, the better. Rock & Republic is a popular choice, but these jeans can go for as much as $350.

Guys, if you haven’t already, it’s time to pick up a couple of shirts from Ed Hardy and Affl iction, which cost anywhere between $60 and $200. Popular with mixed-martial artists and Jon Gosselin, these shirts are a staple in the guido closet. The fit must be tight. How else will you show off that killer six-pack?


Hit up your local MAC store and prepare to spend a good 15 minutes in front of the mirror, ladies. Build a solid base with a thick foundation (MAC Studio Fix Foundation, $31), and then cake on the bronzer (MAC Bronzing Power, $27). Next, circle your eyes with black eyeliner (MAC Liquid Eyeliner, $20) and plump those lashes with multiple coats of a mascara (MAC Plush Lash, $15.50) or just don faux lashes, which are appropriate for the club and the classroom. Leave lips nude for a natural look.

Not surprisingly, guys have it easier in this department. Keep those lips healthy with a moisturizing lip balm (Cherry Chapstick, $2.79). After that, it’s all about that clear lip gloss (Rimmel Shock Glos s in Clearly Clear, $8.49). Slick.


Every guidette needs a set of artificial nails. You can settle for acrylics ($20-25 for a set, $15 for refills) or splurge on gel nails ($35 for a set, $25 for refills).


Fist-pumping might be fun, but it won’t get you the guns required to bag your own Sammi Sweetheart. Hit the gym daily if you want your own washboard abs and sculpted biceps. The Recreation and Athletics Centre offers memberships for $70 per year or $40 a semester.


Ladies have a choice to make: go for that hard, wavy look with copious amounts of mousse (TRESemmé Tres Mousse, $7.50), or blow-dry your hair absolutely straight. When it comes to colour, jet black or dark with chunky blonde highlights are your best options.

Guys will have more luck sculpting their hair into immovable art using a strong-hold hair gel (Spiker Water Resistant Styling Glue, $18.99).


Male or female, every guido and guidette with an ounce of pride needs to have a tan. Head straight to the tanning bed about four times a week to keep your skin looking its brownest. Tanning packages at nearby tanning salon Sol’exotica (169 Church St.) start at $19.95 a month. And if you’re scared of skin cancer, there’s always spray tanning. It’s $99 for one month unlimited spray tanning at Glow Tanning Lounge Body Bar at 9 Isabella St.

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