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By Shannon Higgins

The Eyeopener underwent an extreme makeover this summer.

Along with the crude campus humour and hard news you’ve come to expect in your weekly paper, the Eyeopener now boasts a pretty swanky website. Aside from a few upcoming tweaks, we have a new clean look and two new sections of Ryerson coverage.

Allyssia Alleyne is our first ever community editor. You can contact her on twitter (@theeyeopener) if you want to promote a campus event or get some attention for cool projects you are working on. She will also be posting a Ryerson calender of events if you need help deciding what party to go to on Friday night.

The site also boasts daily updates from each section, weekly podcasts, photo galleries and (our other new section) video. Haven’t seen the site in a while? Check out media editor Christopher Dale’s videos on the Ryerson Quidditch team and an interview with hip-hopper Shad from last week’s Parade and Picnic. Have any ideas on what we should cover next? Email pitches to

And whether you love us or just love to hate us, check out and I’m sure you will be amused. I promise.

If you’re not, email letters to editor@ (or tweet me @murphyhiggins) with ideas on how the Eyeopener website can serve you better.


Our cover story this week looks into the kinky sex clubs near Ryerson’s campus and one student’s first encounter with anonymous  sex. Read Gin Sexsmith and Sarah Del Giallo’s juicy story on pages 10 and 11.

And if you think doping in sport is just an issue for the pros — check out sports editor Rob Moysey’s uncoverage of the Waterloo Warriors steroid scandal and how new drug-testing policies will effect the Rams on page 14.


  1. Site looks great. I used to work at Ryerson and I like to check in to see what’s what now and again. Your new site makes this much, much easier. TY!

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