Costume fails for boys and ghouls

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Sonia Straface predicts which costumes will elicit more annoyed groans than ghostly moans this fair Hallow’s Eve

Halloween is just around the corner and the pressure to find that perfect costume is on. With all the party stores filled with a range of outfits, selection can seem virtually endless. But don’t let this last-minute panic send you into the frayed arms of an awful disguise. Here are some costumes to avoid if you’d like to have some dignity left come Nov. 1.

1. Mario and/or Luigi Ah yes, the infamous brothers who tried to rescue the princess from that ever elusive castle. We get it, you like video games. Who invited you to the party anyway?

2. Sultry Nurse This Halloween classic seems harmless. A white PVC dress and a stethoscope is innocent enough, right? Wrong. It’s all fun and games until someone asks for a sponge bath.

3. Athlete You put on a jersey. Congratulations. Unless you’re trying to win the award for the least amount of effort put into a costume, leave uniforms to the professionals.

4. A Giant Pizza If you had spent the money you used to rent the costume to buy actual pizza, you’d be a lot more popular at the party.

5. A Bad Pun No matter how much you cracked up when Denzel Washington stapled briefs to his sport coat and went as a “law-suit” in Philadelphia, remember: you are not Denzel. Puns aren’t your friends.

6. Sonny minus Cher As if going as Sonny isn’t embarrassing enough (you’ll look like a 70s porn star), everyone will know that you just got dumped.

7. 80s Rocker A teased blonde wig, tight leather pants and a denim jacket? You can look like a cheap hooker any day of the week, so keep looking.

8. Snooki It’s a costume you’ll wear for weeks to come. An orange-tinged spray tan and the stench of tequila don’t fade as easily as you’d think.

9. The Scream Villain Not old enough to be a classic and not new enough to be cool. Leave the mask at home.

10.“I’m myself!” No explanation necessary.

Photo: Marta Iwanek

Photo Gallery: Jasmine Pazzano

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