Underground PATH at Rye?

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By Christina Dun

Ryerson students could have a way to avoid harsh weather because the PATH system may one day end up linked to campus.

The university is in early talks with the city to link the campus to the existing system.

“We’ve had some discussions with the city planning department and they are encouraging us to include PATH connections in any future projects as it relates to buildings that we may be developing near Yonge Street,” said Ian Hamilton, Vice President of Campus Planning and Facilities in an email.

The underground system is expected to double in size in the next ten years, from its current length of 27 km to around 60 km. Although there are no concrete proposals for new entry points, talks with the city have raised some possibilities.

“The city is expecting a rezoning application by the end of this year for the Student Learning Centre at the northeast corner of Gould Street and Yonge Street,” said city of Toronto planner Al Rezoski.

“It’ll help out a lot during the winter time,” said early childhood education student Haleh Kay. “It’s great for the students.”

Along with the Harbourfront area, research centres and hospitals surrounding the University of Toronto, another potential location mentioned in a city proposal is College Park, further up Yonge Street at Carlton Street.

“Sure, we’d love to connect to the PATH system, but the PATH system doesn’t really come over to this side of Yonge Street yet,” said Hamilton. “It may come through other developments, in which case we’d consider the opportunity to attach to that.”

A study carried out by the city into how the next steps of the proposal will develop is expected to be completed in December.

“That’s what this is about, to find what would be involved and how it could be located,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. “There’s been enough discussions with the city to know that it’s just more than just a dream.”

Illustration by Lauren Strapagiel

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