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By guest blogger Sonia Straface

It’s a sad week for reality TV junkies everywhere. The City, an MTV series following a budding fashion designer, Whitney Port, and her misfit friends has officially been cancelled after only two seasons.

Not everyone was a fan of the show, but at least The City had an actual plot line. If you ask me, there are plenty of other reality shows on MTV (or any station for that matter) that are more deserving of the boot. Here are five reality shows that should have gotten the axe instead.

1.  Survivor: After 21 seasons, contestants and viewers are in for nothing new. Players get sent to a deserted island, live in poor housing conditions, have little food and eventually someone wins a ton of money. Yawn.

Outwit. Outplay. Outdated. Jeff Probst, your tribe has spoken. This show is old news.

2.  Dancing With The Stars: This show should be cancelled for lying in its title. Since when is Bristol Palin a “star”? She got pregnant and drove her mother further into the ground during her vice-presidential campaign. That said, no self-respecting Hollywood star would be caught dead on the show. That’s because they, unlike the cast ,have actual jobs where they’re paid to perform. The fact that the cast includes David Hasselhoff and Audrina Patridge proves that the show should be called “Dancing with the Wash-Ups”. Maybe the prize could be the winner could get their own mini-series for a come back in Hollywood? Either way, this show needs to dance on out.

3.  Battle Of The Blades: Way to go Canada. Way to strengthen Canadian stereotypes and be proud of it. People already think we live in igloos, and here you go saying all we care about are figure skating and hockey. Maybe if you got the figure skaters in the NHL, we’d have an interesting show. And hey, with new players on the ice, maybe the Leafs could win a game.

4.  Jersey Shore: How does a show that revolves on lazy  tanning addicts get enough hype to be picked up for a fourth season before the third has even begun? Sure, watching The Situation bring home grenades night after night was entertaining at first, but now it’s just sad.  If you want to sit back and watch drunks make poor decisions for an hour a week, just head over to your local bar. At least you’ll get a pint out of it.

5. Bachelor Pad: Can you spell STD? This show revolves around rejects from The Bachelor(ette) who move in together  and have to prove they’ve found love in the house by hooking up with as many people as possible. Clearly getting rejected once on national television isn’t that enough for some.


  1. DISAGREE. I love Battle of the Blades more than I love cheese. And I really like cheese.

  2. I agree.
    DWTS is now just about washups and 15 secs of famers.

    Jersey Shore is about getting drunk and then starting arguments for the rest amongst a group of midget guys who compensate with copious amounts of steroids.

    The City was captivating especially with Kelly Cutrone as the doyen imparting real life business advice. I would use that show (and ONLY that show) to show my daughter examples of business politics (not in books).

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