‘A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste’

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The Eyeopener’s annual Love and Sex Survey asks students about their sexy secrets and unveils their dirtiest fantasies. Christina Dun and Chris Allaire report the findings

Step one: get on a table. Step two: jump off the table. Step three: land in your partner.

This is one of many positions described in the Eyeopener’s annual Love and Sex

survey. This gem in particular is called “Daggering”. Other memorable mentions include “Reverse Cowgirl”, “Eiffel Tower”, “TheCat” and “Pharaoh’s Chariot” (must whip arms

like reins). One thing Ryerson students don’t lack is creativity.*

Every year, we ask Ryerson students to bare their souls and fill out a survey detailing how they like to get it on. This year, we went one step further: we asked you what you fantasize about and which of your raunchy dreams have turned into reality.

We surveyed 200 students and found that 38 per cent of you fantasize about role play, while a quarter secretly wish you had the opportunity to have anonymous sex with a stranger.

More than half of you get off imagining wild, movie-like sex with a celebrity, while 14 per cent picture getting in on with a fictional character. Another quarter like bondage scenarios and nearly eight per cent of you admitted that you harbour kinky vampirism fantasies.

In the real world, most of you are more tame than in your fantasies. Most of you are too shy to come on to your professors but many have donned costumes and experimented with role play. A quarter of you have picked up a stranger for a night of anonymous passion, while another 27 per cent have gone home with a random.

But not everything is about sex for you. Twenty-three per cent reported you were still virgins, many saying that you hadn’t met the right person yet. A quarter of you reported being in a long-tern relationship, while a heart-warming 78 per cent said you have been in love at least once. Head to theeyeopener.com to check out more survey results.

51 % fantasize about a celebrity

38 % fantasize about role playing

35 % fantasize about sex with a professor or classmate

25 % fantasize about anonymous sex

17 % fantasize about dominance and submission

16 % fantasize about bondage

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