All day I dream about sex

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By Nicole Siena

He grabs you. You touch him back. He scratches, you moan. You move left, he moves with you. Your muscles briefly relax moments before  you start panting, sweating, and asking for more.

Finally, you have the most intense, mind blowing orgasm you’ve ever experienced — only to wake up from it all and realize it was only a dream.

According to a Trent University study in 2010 sex dreams are common among university students.  It said many people have sex dreams once a week, while the rest range from between two and five times a week to less than one sex dream a year.

“Dreams are highly interpretative,” said Josey Vogels, sex columnist and author. “Usually they’re telling you about various relationships in your life, but not necessarily romantic ones.”

Dreams are uncensored, and usually depict things that cross your mind during the day.

“If sex is on your mind, then it’s not surprising that the topic shows up in your dreams,” said Vogels.

Hormone levels often trigger physical reactions.

If you’re having a dry spell or women who are close to their period, sexually oriented dreams may be a normal bodily response.

“It’s your subconscious telling you that you want some,” said Vogels.

Sometimes sex dreams are a release. You may not be having enough sex, or getting something you want in  your waking life.

On average, men have dozens of erections during the night. Women can experience the same things. “Males just have physical evidence,” Vogels said.

Determining what type of sex dream you’re having involves the analysis of  the type of experience you were having during the dream.

“Negative reactions could mean that something in your life is making you uncomfortable,” said Vogels.

“On the other hand, if you like someone and you have a positive experience with them in the dream, it could be your subconscious telling you to get closer to that person.”

Be careful  not to take sex dreams too literally though, “It’s all about the interpretations of symbols,” said Vogels.

Classic symbols such as bowls and receptacles are often interpreted as imagery for female sexuality.  If you’re dreaming about something long or skinny then it might be a phallic symbol.

Something like the CN tower for instance could be a symbol of a penis or male sexuality.

“It’s not always indicative that’s going on in your head, it’s just something in a different context,” said Vogels .

“We all dream, but don’t necessarily remember.”

Photo by Chelsea Pottage

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