What’s your Super Sunday party style?

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You don’t need to win a keg from Steam Whistle and the Eyeopener to celebrate Super Sunday. Determine your party style

1. What’s your drink?

a) Coors Light

b) Steam Whistle

c) Gin and tonic

d) Alcohol is the elixir of sin

2. You ideal party has:

a) As many people as possible

b) A group of my closest friends

c) A select group of social elites

d) Me, myself and I. Then again, three’s a crowd

3. It’s your birthday. Where do you decide to host the shindig?

a) Brunswick House

b) My apartment

c) The Spoke Club

d) Pfft. Such Western decadence

4. If you could live in any Toronto neighbourhood, you would choose:

a) The Annex

b) West Queen West

c) King West

d) None of them. Toronto is a dying city

5. You bring the host/ hostess:

a) Nothing. BYOB applies to the hosts too!

b) A bottle of cheap red wine

c) A bottle of Grey Goose. If you’ve got it, flaunt it

d) Oh, to be invited to a party

6. Your go-to party outfit consists of:

a) A tee-shirt with my favourite sports team’s logo and light-wash jeans from the Gap

b) A plaid shirt, distressed denim and Chuck Taylors

c) Anything black, tailored and flattering

d) Why bother with such frivolities?

7. Your favourite food is

a) Chicken wings

b) Anything vegan and glutenfree

c) Mushroom caps, stuffed with crab meat

d) A buck that fell by my own knife

8. Why do you want to attend a Super Sunday party?

a) Um, I love football?

b) It seems like a fun tradition to share with friends. That, and irony

c) Any excuse for a party is a good excuse

d) Get back to me on that one

9. Aside from football, your favourite sport is:

a) Basketball/Baseball/Hockey

b) I have a very egalitarian view of sports

c) Yeah, sports aren’t really my thing d) Anything with “to the death” in the name


Why not get together with a group of your closest friends and head out to a busy sports bar, like Elephant & Castle? It’s an easy way to ensure that the energy stays high and food supply doesn’t run out. Also, this is a great way to meet new friends.


A traditional Super Bowl party may be the perfect thing for you. Invite some friends over to your place, whip up some finger foods (might I suggest sweet potato fries?), buy a six-pack or two and just wait for the fun to happen. Try to load your iPod with good music so that the party can continue into the evening after the game has ended.

MOSTLY Cs To make the most of your Super Bowl Sunday, head over to a posh lounge like the Zagat-rated C Lounge or Dazzling Lounge. But be warned: the dress-code will be far more casual than usual. But if keeping it classy is of the utmost importance, you’d be better off mixing cocktails and exchanging banter while the game plays on low volume in the background.


Maybe a Super Sunday party isn’t for you.

— By Allyssia Alleyne

Photo: Chelsea Pottage

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