Eyeopener Click Picks: Mar. 3

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Compiled by Lee Richardson

Is it Friday yet? No? Dangit.

1. Charlie Sheen’s madness has been lovingly accepted by the media recently, but this is what his ramblings would look like if they were picked up by the New Yorker and turned into cartoons.


2. Some really interesting (or bizarre, or both) things captured in the virtual walking simulator known as Google Streetview.


3. Here’s some information on racehorses that were banned from competing because of their names. A list includes ‘Anita Longerman,’ ‘Ima P Ness’ and ‘Harry Balls.’ Lovely.


4. In very important cinematic news, they’re probably going to make a classic:


5. A dancing man. 56 seconds onwards is especially inspiring. So inspiring we made him the image for this post.


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