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Staying alive at Ryerson

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Between part-time jobs and full-time classes, it’s easy to become a shell of a person, groggily stumbling from one task to the next. Community Editor Allyssia Alleyne shares the secret to having a life

Explore the terrain

The world extends beyond the confines of Ryerson’s inspiring campus. Take to the streets to discover what this exciting city has to offer, from the lands of our rival clans at the University of Toronto to the rich cultures of Queen Street West, and the mysterious northern regions past Bloor Street.

Sharpen your weapons

The pen is mightier than the sword. Knowledge is power. In short, those skills you learn in lecture might actually come in handy some day, so pay attention. Besides: nothing looks better to generous aunts than a transcript full of As.

Forge alliances

Though it’s easy and convenient to restrict your allies to the people you see in your daily labs, people from other programs do have much to offer in terms of resources, skills and fun times. Don’t be afraid to extend the olive branch to create allies out of enemies.

Maintain your health

The undead and the uninteresting prey on the sluggish and lazy. A little exercise a few times a week — laps at the RAC or Quidditch in the quad — and a somewhat balanced diet can do a world of good when it comes to escaping zombies (who are infamously slow) or just catching the last GO Bus home.

Join a team

Nothing will endanger your life like the inability to work with others. (Just ask Caesar!) To the socially-inclined student, Ryerson offers plenty of clubs and organization students can join. Find one that interests you and learn how to play nice with others. If you’re already a social butterfly, this is a great way to meet new people and do something you enjoy.

Create safe havens

Help protect yourself and your fellows from ignorant revenants by standing up against oppression and discrimination based on sex, gender or other factors (except zombie status.)

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