Trials of a sports editor #1

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Since I was four-years-old, basketball was always one of my favourite sports.

I loved dribbling the ball, driving to the basket, and unexpectedly pulling up for a shot. But as a young, tall and slightly overweight kid with no stamina and very little coordination, I wasn’t particularly good at it.

However, as I grew even taller and lost some of the weight that used to slow me down, I started to play with a newfound confidence that I used to lack.

Before I came to Ryerson, I would only play occasionally and no more than once or twice a month. But that quickly changed when I arrived in Toronto.

Now I got to they gym five or six times a week to play play pick-up games in the RAC against whoever is willing to play.

I approached Rams rookie forward Jelane Pryce in early February of my editorship about playing a fun one-on-one game for The Eyeopener and although he initially laughed it off, he eventually agreed to play after I told him that I was serious and that I thought I could give him a run for money.

So we finally arranged a time and played a one-on-one game up to 11 points.

How did I fare? Watch the video and find out.




  1. I enjoyed this. Very fun to watch. Reminds me of my time trying out for Ryerson’s teams. Nice editing.

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