1. The Occupy movement needs to take a page from the Israeli notebook when it comes to occupying land.

    Israel, after all, has mastered the art of occupation: Palestine has been wiped off the map and dominated by our illegal military occupation.

    If people are going to squat, squat like the Israelis do on ethnically cleansed Palestinian land: with impunity, brute force and welfare funding from US taxpayers.

  2. People who make claims as ridiculous and offensive as the one above lack basic common sense. Israel is no more an ‘occupier’ than any other country in the world – including Canada. Are you giving up your citizenship here?

    Israel is a free, modern, liberal democracy – the only one, by the way, in the Middle East. And, it would be the first to welcome a Palestinian State living in peace alongside of Israel.

    Perhaps you should consider spending less time spewing inflamatory rhetoric and more time working towards peace.

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