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Site Scavenger Hunt

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The Eyeopener website is full of magical content. Here’s a chance for you intrepid explorers to dig through it, and win a prize! The answers to all the questions can be found on the website. You’ll need to look through stories from all sections, as well as the “Really Old” archives. Bring your answers into our office, SCC 207. The first person to complete the hunt wins a $50 Eaton Centre gift certificate. Goooodd luck, ‘ol chaps.


1. Find the former city politician who lives close to Ryerson and has expressed interest in being a guest lecturer.

2. In which campus building have students tobogganed in the stairwells?

3. How did past editor-in-chief Shannon Higgins die?

4. In The Eyeopener’s parody of reality show the Avenue, what does drunken Sean say to Van after he arrives at his party?

5. How many times has CKLN faced shutdown?

6. Which RyeSAC (old name for Ryerson Students’ Union) executive member once faced impeachment after calling the whole union “corrupt” and “nepotistic”?

7. Find the epic (awful) typo on page 7 of the Feb. 9, 2011 issue of the Eyeopener.

8. In which article did a student say, “I was absolutely baptized one night”?

9. Why was an undercover police officer lurking in the Eyeopener office in the summer of 2010?

10. In which podcast did one of the hosts compare the Image Arts building to a pornstar?



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