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The gender issue

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By Allyssia Alleyne
Arts & Life Editor

If you think gender is no longer an issue, that we’ve passed some sort of inequality threshold, think again. In spite of the strides made by social movements, we all continue to be treated differently because of what we do or don’t have between our legs, and the way we choose to express ourselves. And I’m not just talking about who has to pay on dates.

Women make up the majority of the student population at Ryerson, but are still harassed and assaulted on campus. Men, who undeniably go through the world with more privilege, are looked at with suspicion and distrust when they try to break into stereotypically feminine fields. Even our staff and faculty aren’t exempt from the effects of inequality, with women earning less than men as they move through the ranks.

Pretty depressing, huh?

But in spite of these unsettling facts, there are some on campus who are trying to move things forward. Jeff Perera, founder and co-chair of Ryerson’s White Ribbon Campaign is leading the fight against gender-based violence and shattering stereotypes of masculinity in the process. A student mother is trying to battle gender rigidity from home by raising her son gender non-specific, and our students union is taking steps to create a less oppressive space for all.

If you look at how gender equality has transformed in the last 50 years, yes, things have gotten better. But just because we’ve come this far doesn’t mean we don’t still have a ways to go.


Gender neutral

Not conforming to prescribed gender norms for men and women. It is also the idea that people should avoid distinguishing others by their gender.


Gender identity and biological sex aren’t the same. A Transexual is someone who undergoes surgery to match their physical body with their gender identity.


Someone whose biological sex matches their gender identity.


Discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex.

Income gap

The difference in pay between two groups with similar jobs and experience.


  1. I do not mean to be rude, just thought I would give my feedback for something to do.
    The model and photo are simple yet wonderful.
    Content of the text, not so great. I thought it was too simple, too short and boring. It could have gone into more detail about everything to be completely honest. I found what was in the glossary informative but not enough descriptions of a person to read about.
    The article overall just seemed like something someone had been forced to write and didn’t give enough, if any personal input.

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