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By Lauren Strapagiel

Ryerson President Sheldon Levy has asked for a copy of the issue of the Eyeopener that broke the story on the university’s Maple Leaf Gardens partnership to add to a new time capsule. We’re both flattered and happy to oblige, but we have a few suggestions of our own to include:

1. The Sam the Record Man Sign This may require a larger capsule. Aside from being a Toronto relic and symbol of a downtown Yonge of yore, we’re not doing much else with the old girl anyway.

2. Bottled Water In case future generations forget that it once existed on campus. Bonus: it will still be pristine in 50 years.

3. Shrubbery from Gould Street I can only hope that the future of Gould Street includes landscaping and benches, so a small bushy clipping will be a reminder of our early and humble streetscaping efforts.

4. Salad King’s pad thai In memorium of that span of time after the wall collapse and fire at Gould and Yonge streets when we all went without our precious for months on end. Lest we forget.

5. A copy of “Sh*t Ryerson Says” Because I suspect that in the future, Ryerson students will still be trying to figure out where the fuck Sally Horsfall is.

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