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The Sun TV spot featuring Ezra Levant (read about it on page 3) has been called unfair, misinformed and obnoxious. However, I would like to thank Ezra for drawing attention to a group of people who are the true victims of discrimination: white, conservative men.

I cannot begin to imagine the difficulty that members of this underprivileged class must endure in a university setting. Having professors and a small, monthly campus newspaper challenge their world views and ask them to think critically and perhaps even progressively must be a harrowing task.

Especially in journalism, there is a terrifying lack of white male role models. Just looking at the heads of most major news outlets in this country, we should be asking ourselves: couldn’t they exemplify tradional patterns of power more?

For me, starting my journalism degree after 14 years in the public school system and finally being introduced to critical thought regarding politics, gender, race, religion and even the Israel-Palestine conflict just made me feel bad about myself. I didn’t pay thousands of dollars to reevaluate my place in the world, I just wanted to get a job.

So thank you Ezra and Sun TV for being brave enough to call out Ryerson and its journalism program for what is is: an institution that provokes critical thinking neccessary for the practice of journalism. Shame on them.


  1. Ryerson = a state-subsidized and regulated skool that preaches the religion of the state.


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