M is for Marijuana

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You’re finally out of your parent’s place and can now freely do what you do best: smoke that ganja! As long as you don’t live in residence, that is. According to your rez contract, you’ve agreed to not be “involved with trafficking, possessing, using and consuming any illegal drug substance in residence.” While you may want to knock that incessant dope-dealing habit, there’s no way you’re going to abandon Mary Jane without a fight.

Know the Contract According to the rez contract, being caught with marijuana means you’ll automatically be handed three points. Once you reach nine points, you’ll be evicted. But you can also be evicted for committing a three point offense. According to the contract, “…the smell of prohibited substances (e.g., marijuana), in or near suite/rooms, common areas or near the residence building will be assumed to be conclusive of use or possession.” While we question the legality of inconclusive evidence like “smell near a building” being enough to evict someone, you should at least know that it’s in the contract.

Use Discretion While your Residence Advisor may be cool, others aren’t. The ones that walk around and actually pour out your opened alcohol in the hallways will also go around asking “why does it smells like weed?” Be careful around them and be on the safe side by not openly exposing anything you know you shouldn’t be seen with.

Close Your Blinds If you live on the north side of Pitman Hall, on any of the lowest 5 floors, people in the Architecture building can see you blowin’ that chron’. They can also see you naked. Keep your blinds closed and you can be as naked as you want.

Get a “Guy” It’s pretty easy to find out who smokes/has weed in rez, but once you move out of rez, it can be a pain in the ass finding weed on short notice. Do yourself a favour: find out where people get theirs as early as you can, and make your own hookup. It’ll be worth it once you get past first year and memories of residence are just a thing of the past.

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