George Zotti, the owner of the Silver Snail. PHOTO: MARISSA DEDERER

A comic book store without a club

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By Daniel Rosen

The Silver Snail held its grand opening on Saturday, and invited comic book stars like Wonder Woman, Batman, and even Boba Fett to the party.

The comic book shop was on Queen Street West for about 30 years before moving to its new home at Yonge and Dundas, above the HMV building.

Comic book fans and nerds of all ages packed themselves into the new location to get in on the party.

Outside, stormtroopers drew crowds into the store, where the Silver Snail was giving out free food, and hosting signings and meet-and-greets with comic book artists and filmmakers.

The store’s owner, George Zotti, was holding court at the event, introducing both long-time Silver Snail fans and newcomers.

“Everybody said ‘but you’ve been on Queen for 30 years,'” says Zotti. “Maybe it’s time for a change. Let’s upgrade the store, bring it into a new era of technology.

He plans to install TVs on the walls and iPads into the attached coffee shop’s counter so customers can read comic books while they have their coffee.

And yet with one of Toronto’s most famous comic book stores opening up right next to Ryerson, it is surprising that the school doesn’t have a comic book club.

Ryerson has an anime club, but according to Kelsey Brunton, the president of RUAnime, while there is a lot of crossover with students who enjoy comic books, a fullfl edged comic book club would require a different set of people.

“A lot of people say ‘we want a comic book club’, but no one’s really there to be like, ‘yeah, let’s start it,'” Burton says.

Anthony Suen, a radio and television arts student and comic book fan, has a similar opinion.

“Comic book fans are comic book fans; we totally want a club,” says Suen, “And I wish it would happen, but I’m a pretty lazy guy.

But if a comic book club were to happen at Ryerson,” says Suen, “I bet it’d get a pretty good turnout.”

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