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By Jackie Hong

Fourth-year performance production student Nina Platisa is the true embodiment of an artist — she’s a designer, musician, jewelry maker, woodworker, and soon-to-be documentary maker.
“Anytime I get interested in a craft, or anything, I really want to do it well… I seem all over the place, but I promise you, I get things done,” Platisa said.
Platisa, 21, favours a simple, clean style whether she’s making clothes, necklaces or bedside tables, and is a fan of Nordic design.
“When I went to Sweden [this past summer], I definitely loved what they were wearing,” Platisa said.
While in Sweden, Plastisa, who was born in Belgrade, discovered that the Yugoslavian government never funded arts projects that would’ve united the nation.
This inspired Platisa’s thesis, a folk costume that combines elements of costumes from former republics of Yugoslavia into one. Platisa’s also planning on making a documentary about her idea, where she’ll visit former Yugoslavian republics, meet with folk costume makers, and bring them together to create a dress.
“It’ll be the first time in a long time somebody from each of those countries has made something together, which means a lot to me,” Platisa said.
Platisa also sings, and plays piano, guitar, and ukulele. Her music has been featured in short films, and on television and radio. She doesn’t limit herself to a genre when creating music, but said that artists from the‘60s and ‘70s, like Janis Joplin and Cat Stevens, inspire her.
“That music is never going to leave my heart… The way that people felt about art and music at that time was really genuine,” Platisa said.
Creating art out of passion, not solely for profit, is a philosophy Platisa lives by.
“I just [care] about everything that I do… There’s a reason for what I make, [not just] money and attention.”


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