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Burnt out on tech? We can help!

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15-inch laptops are cheaper than most lightweight notebooks, but their lack of portability will eventu- ally break your back. Look for long battery lives to get you through those boring lectures.

MacBook Air

The no fuss appeal of the Air makes it a student favourite. A less than ten second startup time coupled with a lightwning fast processor means even the highest quality videos won’t lag.

HP Pavilion g6

This 15-inch laptop is too heavy for everyday lugging and has a slightly dated processor. However, it’s one of the better laptops that you can scoop up under $500.

Sony VAIO Pro 13

Weighing only 2.4 pounds, this 13-inch laptop can compete with any ultraportable. It’s pricier than the MacBook Air ($1249) but it’s extremely easy to carry around Ryerson’s large campus.


If you can’t live without a key- board but still want a lightweight device, Bluetooth and USB key- boards and mouses can convert your tablet without weighing you down.

Surface Pro

Selfies become as easy as a quick swipe once you familiarize your- self with the operating system. You also have the ability to switch to the desktop mode for a classic Windows feel.


All iPads have access to the infi- nite iOS app market and 10 hours of battery life. The iPad’s crisp retina display makes sharing fun- ny dog videos during lectures easy.

Nexus 7

This budget-friendly tablet is perfect for casual use and one-handed reading. At $229, this 7-inch tablet will probably get cheaper with the new model comes out later this year.


Be easier on your wallet by hooking up with a student cell phone plan. If you’re getting internet too, plan bundles offered in September will help you save big for the first few months.

iPhone 5

Another damn Apple product, we know. Get over your Jobs hate with help from Siri, an intelligent vocal assistant and eight mega pixel camera. With almost a million apps, you’ll never get bored.


A full HD screen makes this the sleekest phone on our list. The four mega pixel rear camera means pic- ture quality will be worse than its competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S4

If selfies are your thing, it doesn’t get any better than the S4’s 13 mega pixel camera. Unlike the HTC One and the iPhone 5, with the S4 you can add more storage and remove the battery.

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