Fast food binges, energy drinks and plenty of beer can burn you out before you hit the books. PHOTO: NATALIA BALCERZAK

Eat around the clock

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9 AM

Start your day at the Mutual Street Deli (Dundas and Mutual). Despite its unassuming appearance, the location is great and so are the prices — a full breakfast won’t cost you more than $10. Rumour has it some professors have a tendency to treat their students to a free breakfast here at the end of the year. Encourage this.

12 PM

For a quick lunch in between classes, head to the Hub (basement of Jorgensen Hall). Don’t let its less- than-perfect reputation dissuade you; Ryerson introduced a new food services provider over the summer. Admittedly, we haven’t eaten there under the new management yet, so we shouldn’t overstate our optimism.

3 PM

Located in the Student Campus Centre, the oakham Café is the perfect place to grab a quick

and inexpensive bite in between afternoon classes. The prices are reasonable, its environment is cozy and the friendly staff won’t look at you funny when you ask if their coffee is fair-trade.

6 PM

Ryerson’s most beloved eatery, Salad King is a no-brainer. Portions are large and affordable, and the location — Yonge and Gould — is manageable for even the laziest students. The communal tables and noise level may not be everyone’s idea of a quality supper, but suck it up — you’re part of the family now.

9 PM

If you plan on doing any cooking for yourself during your time at Ryerson, Metro is your go-to grocery store. Located across from the Rogers Communications Centre at Church and Gould, it’s close to Ryerson’s residences and the best place to pick up all your basic food groups: bacon, ramen and Kraft Dinner.

2 AM

After a night out, your slightly intoxicated self is inevitably going to crave some grease. Walk up Yonge to Big Slice (at Gerrard), a very literally named pizza joint. The pizza might have a subtle hint of cardboard flavouring and texture, but for their prices, even that much cardboard would probably still be a good deal.

11 AM

The morning after calls for Fran’s (Victoria and Shuter). It may not be the most original choice, but with your hangover, you’re probably not up for thinking too hard anyway. The all-day breakfast menu is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and the sooner you accept you’ll eat there often while at Ryerson, the better.

5 PM

To detox, head to urban Herbivore, a made-from-scratch vegan joint in the Eaton Centre’s Urban Eatery. Its selection of salads, sandwiches and other whole foods should help purge those less-than-healthy food choices from your body. Go for a run afterwards and your heart might even start beating again.

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