Man, above, works out at raC fitness centre. Photo: : Charles Vanegas

The perfect regimen

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So you’re thinking of working out, eh? The choice for where to rock the ultimate workout comes down to the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) and the Recreation and Athletic Centre (RAC).

The RAC had been the only facility on campus for decades, until the MAC opened its door last year.

If you’re already on campus and looking for a quick workout, the RAC’s close proximity to Ryerson makes it a better option. It has four dance studios, six hardwood gyms and a supervised fit- ness cenre.

If you plan on swimming, tak- ing a run on the track, or book- ing out a room, the RAC’s your best bet. It’s also the king of in- tramural sports or clubs, as the badminton club, cheerleading team, and many others are there.

Featuring a world-renowned facility, the MAC has an NHL-sized hockey arena and a multi- purpose gym, which can be booked out for private use.

Its fitness centre is better suited for longer, more physical workouts given its technologically savvy machines, such as the skate treadmill, which teaches you how to skate.

If you’re going to watch a Rams game anyway, it’s the ideal place to workout, since you’re one minute away from the rink or court.

The MAC has just one dance studio, has no pool, and doesn’t have a track. But if you’re looking for a pure workout, its the closest thing to an actual gym membership.

“More of our club programing is at the RAC, but if you want to train, come to the MAC,” said associate athletic director Stephanie White. “It really just comes down to a feel for which facility you like to use. The differences are finite.”

Both facilities are included in your tuition fee so try to use both of them while you’ve got the shot.

The quad and Lake Devo are also great places to get your workout fix. When it’s not filled with rain, Lake Devo is perfect place to play soccer or skateboard, and when it’s frozen solid, get some friends to play a pick- up game of hockey. The quad the ideal place to play flag football or ultimate frisbee.

So if you’re going hardcore, choose the MAC but if you’re going to be around campus, use the RAC. Both can do the trick.

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