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A strange sale

By Roderick Fitzgerald

Have you spent ages looking for a pair roller skates or a Jammer hat? The Toronto Junior Roller Derby (TJRD) has what you need.

Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) hosted the TJRD’s Bizarre of the Bazaar on Saturday, Nov. 16, where visitors could purchase strange items and oddities relating to derby as well as tea and scones.

The TJRD chose Ryerson’s MAC because they thought that it would be perfect for sports lovers and more.

“It was a natural fit. There are these young girls that are learning how to participate in the roller derby and seeing what it’s like at the university level,” says Felsie Nisonen, the bazaar organizer.

The TJRD had a rough start to their day with set-up troubles, but they got back up and did something better than what they’d had before—just like a derby player.

The bazaar was not the TJRD’s first fundraising event. “They’ve done car washes and 50/50 draws,” says Nisonen.

The bazaar comes after a year of planning. Other ideas included hosting the event in a church, but the group decided that they would take a new approach at the MAC, where they sold items like caps, custom dog tags and jewellery.

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