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Potential home found for Sam the Record Man sign

By Jake Scott

The Sam the Record Man sign might hang around Ryerson after all.

The City of Toronto is proposing that the iconic neon sign be placed on top of the Toronto Public Health Building at 277 Victoria Street.

If the proposal is accepted, the school will be footing the bill for the bright billboard. At this time no date has been set to bring this proposal to the Ryerson Board of Governors, which must give the green light first.

SAMSIGN1Photo courtesy City of Toronto

“We must continue our work in order to bring the board the cost of the whole thing. The university must do its due diligence,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy.

This location has been chosen by the city as an alternative to placing the “Sam Signage” on the Student Learning Centre or Gould Street Library “frontage.”

The city’s report also proposes the rooftop location feature a projection sign reading “Toronto Music City,” just in case people have forgotten what records are. That sign would “provide a visual link to a possible music related facility at 38 Dundas Street East,” according to the proposal.

“If all works well, if it’s affordable and the city likes it and everyone is happy with it then so are we,” said Levy.

The proposal will be considered on June 19 during a meeting of the city’s planning and growth management committee.

samtherecord     File Photo

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