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Goodbye, yellow-shit road

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By Nicole Schmidt 

In lieu of the new semester, Ryerson officials have announced a proposition to re-design Gould Street following last year’s fiasco. The project, officially referred to as revitalization involving paint (RIP) yellow-shit road, is set to commence at the end of the month.

The current dispute is over what colour to paint Gould Street this time around. Three potential ideas have been brought fourth: red and green, to bring more spirit to campus by creating a year-round, Christmas vibe, zebra print, to help distinguish our campus from the downtown core, and finally, a giant mural of Sheldon Levy’s face, so even after his presidential term ends he’ll still be on campus at all times.

The RIP yellow-shit road committee is expected to have made a decision in regards to the design choice by the end of next week.

Those enrolled in the dance program at Ryerson have collaborated on a routine in order to commemorate the current yellow and blue road. The dance, choreographed to the popular NSync song Bye Bye Bye, will take place on Gould Street before the new paint job begins. Students will also be able to purchase memorial photographs and paint chip samples at the Ryerson bookstore.

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