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The ultimate drunchies guide

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By Nicole Schmidt 

It’s Friday night, you’re trying to find your way home from the bar, your feet hurt, you’re tired, and perhaps most importantly, you’re hungry. In a drunken haze, the number of late-night food choices can be overwhelming. Here are the best spots to hit up downtown after the bar and again when morning rolls around and you’re looking to ease your hangover.

After the Bar

Big Slice – 385 Yonge St.

In all of its greasy triangular glory, Big Slice is true to its name. It’s more of a quantity over quality type of establishment, but when 3 a.m. rolls around and hunger sets in, it tastes like food sent from the drunken gods. It should also be noted that Big Slice is open until 5 a.m. every single day of the week.

Smokes Poutinerie – 203 Dundas St. E

There are very few things that have the ability to satisfy your drunken food cravings more than poutine. Open until 4 a.m. on weekends at various locations throughout the city, Smokes is a drunchies staple. But don’t be surprised if the restaurant is busier than the club you just came from.

Frans – 20 College St. OR 200 Victoria St.

With two locations open 24 hours, Frans is well suited for the indecisive bunch. Offering both breakfast and lunch foods, their menu has enough selection to satisfy drunken cravings of all sorts. Bonus: they also have dessert, and a lot of it.

The Golden Griddle – 45 Carleton St.

The Golden Griddle is reserved for those nights when you’re too intoxicated to have standards of any sort. It’s cheap and open 24 hours — sometimes, that’s all any drunk person needs.

The Morning After

Daybreak – 399 Church St.

Daybreak does breakfast, and they do breakfast well. It wouldn’t be classified as cheap eats, but you get what you pay for. Perhaps the best part is that you get pancakes with almost every breakfast. Who doesn’t love pancakes?

Tropical Energy juice bar – 199 Bay St. (outside King subway station) 

Seeing as a lack of energy is usually a common side effect of a hangover, energy juice seems like a promising way to counteract that. Plus, after consuming colossal amounts of potentially lethal liquid the night before, putting something with actual nutritional value into your body is probably a good idea.

Jimmy’s coffee – 82 Gerrard St. W

For the person who went out last night despite having something important to do the next day, Jimmy’s on Gerrard is a solid on the go option. The coffee is good — and strong — so it should help divert the effects of sleep deprivation. Their baked goods are also phenomenal and posses the magical ability to make your hangover suck less.

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