RU Student Life introduces #RUInsta Rooftop Meetup tours

Photo: Natalia Balcerzak

RU on top?

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By Natalia Balcerzak

For Ryerson students who want to get high, there is a way. 

RU Student Life is offering the chance to walk atop campus rooftops and marvel at the world below. At the beginning of October, they started off their #RUInsta Rooftop Meetup tour.“We didn’t just want to meet up and run around campus — anyone can do that. We wanted to give students something that would be unique,” said Brian Tsang, marketing assistant at RU Student Life and fourth year new media student.He said that RU Student Life wanted to engage with Ryerson and show that they are students too.

“RU student life is supposed to be a brand for students by students,” said Tsang. “This year we said we really wanted to put our faces to our names, that we’re not just an organization — we’re here to interact and socialize as well.”

When the rooftop tour was announced on Twitter, they had triple the amount of expected signups.

“It really shows you the power of social media,” said Brian Millado, brand ambassador at RU Student Life and fourth year english student. “Not a lot of people have access to [the rooftops] so there was a lot of interest, in the first day we got 90 people and had to cut down 30.”

Students from various types of programs and years saw Ryerson from another perspective. The first tour had exclusive access to the rooftops of the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre and the Ryerson Image Centre.

“The cool thing was to see people come out and you can tell they had professional equipment,” Tsang said. “This was a big opportunity for them, they can take those pictures to put into their portfolios and have shots that nobody else has.”

Millado said that that RU Student Life is planning to have more rooftop tours with different locations and times to accommodate students’ schedules.

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