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Architecture students compete in South Korea

By Jack Hopkins

Ryerson’s Faculty of Architecture Science has a lot to brag about.

Four Ryerson architecture students have placed third place at a design competition in South Korea. This October, they travelled to Seoul to compete against other students from around the world. Their weeklong adventure ended with a $5,000 prize, split amongst them.

Their design entry into the competition was a huge gymnasium structure that measured 1500 square metres. It was made to hold a maximum capacity of 500 people.

John Han, one of the team members and the author of design, said that the plans for the structure were designed during the summer break.

“It was an international competition that was posted online, and myself and my friends were looking for a competition to do during the summer,” Han said. “It took us about two to three weeks of talking to the dean and people in our department to plan our trip.”

Despite the high number of competitors and its odds, the design team did remarkably well.

Hrishikesh Tailor, also on the team, said that it was a unique experience. “We have made designs like this before, but this was pretty much our first attempt at a large international design competition.”

Although the team scored third place, they won’t get to see their design brought to life. Only the first prize winners receive the honour of having their blueprints constructed. This year’s winners were from Ukraine, with the runner-ups coming from Spain.

Han and Hrishikesh both said they’ll maintain a winning attitude and that many benefits came from travelling to the competition itself.

“It was a very interesting opportunity to get away from school, gain some great life experience and interact with people in the business,” Han said.

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