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Cinderella returns to Ryerson Theatre School

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By Catherine Machado

It’s back. The Ryerson Theatre School’s Cinderella is returning to the stage revamped and bigger than before.

“This is the biggest thing we’ve done at our school,” said Beth Elliot, the productions manager for the play.

This time the show features bigger costumes, a makeover to set designs and a guest appearance from Ryerson’s president Sheldon Levy during Friday’s show.

This pantomime has three times the amount of costumes than any other production from the school. It is also the only show that calls for each performer to use a mic.

“We open up the whole theatre for this show only,” said head of wardrobe, Marina Agostino.

This means about 1,800 seats. So far two out of the seven shows are sold out.

One of the set designers, Arhum Al-Rahman, said that the goal was to make everything more extravagant than last year. There will be four tents decked out in Christmas lights outside of the theatre during each performance. Three of these tents will house merchandise such as tutus, wands and crowns.

The other tent will be selling apple cider made by chair of RTS Peggy Shannon, who is also directing the play. This is a returning tradition that Elliot said “always sell out”.

After each show Cinderella and Prince Charming will meet with kids and other fans to take photos and sign autographs.

Elliot said that the “magic” is found here and in the high level of audience interaction within the performance.

“They break the forth wall completely,” said Elliot.

The step mother leaves the stage searching for a new husband and Prince Charming asks members of the audience to take off their shoes. At other times the performers throw candy into the crowd.

Nicole Hrgetic, otherwise known as Little Bo Peep, said working on the play has taught her how to be “over the top” and ridiculous with the audience.

“It’s allowed me to open up as an actor,” said Hrgetic.

This is the only production that includes all years and programs within the theatre school. Elliot said that this is what makes it such an important show for the school.

“There’s no aspect of the (theatre) school that’s left out right now,” said Elliot.

Hrgetic said that one of the reasons this show is such a success is because the name is so recognizable.

“People know Cinderella – they want to see her on stage,” she said.

The show runs from Nov. 25 to Nov. 30 at the Ryerson Theatre.



  1. The costume designer is Rebecca Carr. Marina Agostino is the Head of Wardrobe.

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