If my laptop dies and no one is around to care, does the world explode?

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This coffee is shit

Energy costs two dollars?

Fuck you. All of you


Swap, drop and enrol

Sounds more like fire safety

Than life choices. Shit


My laptop died, yet

I am still alive, somehow.

Jesus take the wheel


Get out of my way

Turtle-ass fuckers. I will

Obliterate you


Study week? More like

Drink beer until I forget

My obligations


Dear front-row keener

You answer every question

Just shut the fuck up


Hail The Golden Ram!

Engineering circle jerk:

Great, misspelled, loin cloth


My undies are tight

Like really really too tight

I need to go home


The Varsity Blues,

A pissy, whining turd sack.

If they win kill me

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