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People of Ryerson: Melissa Langis

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By Jake Kivanc

A life of gaming and destructive eating habits defined Melissa Langis’ old self, the keyword here being “old”.

Langis, age 20, is a third-year theatre production student who is the quintessential example of somebody that takes their fitness very, very seriously.

Starting her day at 5 a.m., Langis meticulously plans her schedule in order to optimize results.

All of Langis’ meals are prepared at home and weighed by the gram so she can calculate the caloric content and macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein, fibre, etc.) of each meal.

“People certainly look at me weird,” Langis said. “It’s just something that’s really important to me and makes me feel better throughout my day.” Langis trains with weights in the morning and does yoga in the afternoon, with her schoolwork sandwiched in between. She describes it as a “difficult” balance.

“It can be really hard with how hectic the schedule is and how early I go to bed,” Langis said.

Langis’ first year of university was a period when she struggled with her weight and body image:

after gaining 20 pounds and being less active, she knew it was time for change.

After being introduced to a weightlifting program by an old friend before her second year, Langis fell in love with fitness.

“I was so happy with the results I was seeing, with the weight I lost,” Langis said. “[Before] I would deprive myself of the energy my body needed.”

“People don’t realize how much small adjustments can help change your life,” Langis said.

“Since I started working out, I don’t fall asleep in class anymore.

I smile more. I’m just happier.”

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