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People of Ryerson: Logan Dunne

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By Jake Kivanc

Logan Dunne only wishes for two things out of life: good times and fun people. Also, a health food store on the west coast would be a nice touch.

A first-year nutritional science student at Ryerson, Dunne, 19, describes himself as somebody who centers himself around social positivity.

“I don’t really have a lot of anger. I try to push that aside and stay focused. I surround myself with good things to help channel that in,” said Dunne.

But he wasn’t always like this.

Dunne comes from Sarnia, Ont., a town that saw him through his metamorphosis from a self-centered teenager to a more holistically-aware person.

“Before it was about showing off to everyone, being the best,” he said. “I realized that it’s better to focus on interacting with people and influencing their lives in a positive way.”

Though he applied and was accepted to a number of universities, Dunne chose Ryerson to escape the trappings of his hometown.

Since moving to Toronto in August, Dunne has embraced the high-traffic, close-knit environment of Ryerson as a way to meet new people.

“You can got out in public and not know everybody you see. At the same time, your friends also aren’t spread out everywhere,” he said.

Looking forward to the future, Dunne said that despite the general career path of his program, he is leaning more toward an entrepreneurial approach by opening his own health food store after graduation.

“I don’t want to work at a desk all day or be trapped in an office,” he said. “I want to work with people and be more interactive with their lives.”

And a possible location?

“My uncle used to live in Calgary and I always used to go visit him. We would go snowboarding in Banff, or go to Louise. We’ve been to Vancouver a few times,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ll have an extravagant life, but I’ll probably never be bored.”

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