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Whispers this Week 1

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Whisper is a free app that allows you to post anonymous confessions for your neighbourhood to read. Each week Dylan, the Eyeopener’s Communities Editor, will painstakingly pick the best five confessions posted in the Ryerson University community and post them here. Enjoy.

1. “I’m a professor and I often think you would all like me so much more if you knew the copious amounts of drugs I do.”

Dylan 3


2. “I may or may not have just had sex with the hottest TA in the school.”Dylan 2 1

3. “I had my first lesbian experience last night with my roommate. God I love this school.”

Dylan 2

4. “My mom found my vibrator the other night when visiting my place. Most awkward situation ever.”

Dylan 1 1

5. “Stop having sex in the Victoria Building.”Dylan 1

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