This week, The Eyeopener sat down for an exclusive interview with Hollywood producer Casey Silver


A Q&A with Casey Silver

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By Robert Mackenzie

This week, The Eyeopener sat down for an exclusive interview with Hollywood producer Casey Silver. Silver has been an executive or producer on movies such as Liar Liar, Field of Dreams, Hidalgo, Jurassic Park and many more.

Q: Mr. Silver, you’ve been a part of so many classic films. What’s your favourite movie that you’ve worked on?

A: As far as I’m concerned, Hidalgo is not only the best movie that I’ve worked on, but it’s the greatest movie of all time.

Q: What makes Hidalgo your favourite?

A: It’s really got everything that you look for in a film. Sure it’s a more than two-hour movie about a slow horse race in the middle of the dessert, but it’s not just all action, as you’d expect. It’s got some real funny scenes, plus a bit of romance. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll leave the theatre a different person. I don’t want to give too much away, but Hidalgo is cinematic perfection in my view.

Q: What was it like being a part of the original Jurassic Park movie?

A: A thing people don’t talk about much is just how good of a job Vigo Mortensen did playing that role. Most of his scenes were just between him and the horse. That takes some serious commitment to the craft.

Q: Yes, but what about Jurassic Park? What was your involvement with that movie?

A: What a lot of people don’t know is that Vigo actually did all of his own stunts for Hidalgo. That takes a toll physically, but I don’t think you can even tell in the movie.

Q: Mr. Silver, if we could just switch topics from Hidalgo for a second, I’d love to ask you some questions about Jurassic Park.

A: Have you ever seen Hidalgo?

Q: No not really, I mean I’ve seen parts of it on cable.

A: Woah, well do you want to go watch it after this? I think it would really help with your article.

Q: I appreciate the offer, but I actually have a pretty busy week. I also don’t want to sit through two hours of horse riding.

A: Well maybe next week or something. I watch Hidalgo at least twice every week; I can always make time for it in my schedule.

Q:  Ok. Have you seen Jurassic World? How do you think it compares to Jurassic Park?

A: You’ve really never seen Hidalgo? I don’t believe that. I think most people have seen it. Everyone that works for me has seen it. They all agree that it’s awesome. Did I mention that it has some funny and romantic scenes too?

Q:  You know Hidalgo has a 47 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, right? Critics said, “This overstuffed horse story contains too much cheese.” I don’t mean to be rude, but it seems that critics and people are in agreement that Hidalgo is a sub-par movie at best. Now could you please answer my questions about Jurassic Park?

A: Fuck you.

At this point in the interview, Silver got up and left his office. After waiting 20 minutes his assistant informed me that he was done with the interview. Silver hasn’t responded to any further interview requests.

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