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Letters to the fun editor

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Dear fun editor,

I’m very upset with your section content as of late. Your “satire” has been so well written that I’m not sure if what you’re writing about is real or not. Did that kid really have to wear a dunce cap? Are the rap battlers alive? Will mayo solve my love problems? Seriously, I need answers.

You should be ashamed of yourself and your writers for writing such methodical and convincing pieces of satire. Don’t you realize that sophisticated, well-intended humour goes over most people’s heads? I guess not, since you clearly overestimated the intelligence of the average human.


A lowly common peasant

P.S. Loved the nerd-a-thon article! What a laugh and a half!

Dear lowly common peasant,

I’m glad you’re writing to me. This is a very important problem. I too can see that this high-brow form of funtertainment is clearly too much for the basic population.

I see your need for clarification, and your hunger for answers. I, as the fun editor, have decided to do absolutely nothing about how we write or what we write. We publish satire and we’re proud. As a journalist, I have a need to find the truth, but not with the fun section. This is just for kicks.

So to all those who think this stuff is real: it’s not. It’s fun. Just laugh. And get over yourself.


The fun editor

P.S. I loved the article too! Very well written and hilarious. Perhaps too smart, though.

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