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Theft and the RCC

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By Sean Wetselaar

Ryerson is known, among other things, for its hands-on programs. As a journalism student here, I was always thankful for the excellent equipment the school provided, and the opportunities it afforded me.

Lately, though, some people have taken advantage of that technology at one of the buildings on campus with the most of equipment. The Rogers Communications Centre (RCC), home to the school of journalism, the RTA school of media and creative industries, has seen a rash of thefts, notably a 70-inch television.

You’ll read this week about the measures being taken as a result of these thefts, but perhaps not enough have been taken so far.

This week, several editors from The Eyeopener walked through the RCC in search of just how accessible some of the equipment was. Without using any keycards, after most of the classes were out but the building was still open to the public, we walked into unlocked rooms full of equipment.

Monitors, desktops, 3D printers and a television, among other things — valued at around $3,200 total — were easily retrievable by any member of the public with the wherewithal to look.

Easy access for students to the equipment that lets them do their work is important. But so is making sure it stays in the hands of the students doing that work.

We hope to see more security in the RCC moving forward — but for now if you’re a TA or instructor and you’re the last one out, please make sure that you lock the door behind you.

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