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My childhood travel diary

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By Skyler Ash

When I was five years old, my parents took my four older siblings and me to the Dominican Republic and asked me to keep a diary of our time. Here are the transcriptions of what I wrote (well, roughly, some of it’s pure nonsense).

“I had some fruit it was good fruit. Then we went to pick some flowers I picked all sorts of flowers.”

“Then I went home and went swimming and I went in side after that and I eat some gushers.”

“I and my family went for a walk and saw the dogs we saw lots.”

“I watched a movie and I am watching it again.”

“George (the cat living in our villa) had kittens three kittens. They are so cute I played with them I loved them so much.”

“I went to the beach I went on the volcanic rock it really hurt my feet and found a coconut with milk in it yesterday. I went to the bar and watched hockey with Canada and went to bed.”

“I watched TV and I saw a green lizard it was big I went on a walk and walked and walked and walked and went on a bus.”

“I watched a movie and played a game of cards over and over again and I kept on winning.”

“I had breakfast and went into town. We got news.”

“I had dinner and watched a great show last night (this was the finale of Friends).”

“I had breakfast and went on a walk and saw dogs and cats lots. I got my own 7Up!”

“I had breakfast and tried lots of different fruits that taste good and we found a kitten. It was so cute.”

“I got to go out for lunch and go swimming in the adult pool and another one and played volley ball and got free drinks and went home and had dinner and went to bed.” *Fun fact: one of my free drinks was alcoholic (an accident, of course) and I had half before anyone noticed.”

“I went to this cool place. I got to hug and kiss dolphins.”

“I shut my finger in the door and it looked disgusting.”

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