UPDATE: Protestors call for Mackenzie to drop out of fun editor elections

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By Pew Chalmers

Protestors have gathered outside of Robert Mackenzie’s fun offices, calling for him to quit the race for fun editor.

The protests started shortly after videos were leaked to The Eyeopener, showing Mackenzie insulting and defaming his opponent Skyler Ash, along with several other former colleagues at the paper.

“My name is not fake,” Ash said, in response to the videos. “These videos show the true poisonous nature that Mackenzie has been trying to hide during his campaign.”

The videos also show Mackenzie’s plans to give information to the Ryersonian after he is elected, to “see how much money he can make off of it.”

The protests are filled with several Eyeopener elite, some of whom had endorsed Mackenzie’s campaign before the videos were leaked.

“This kind of behaviour is unacceptable of anyone, let alone anyone seeking fun office. I no longer support Robert’s campaign and wish I never had,” said former Eyeopener editor-in-chief Robyn Doolittle.

“What the fuck is this guy’s problem? There’s no way anyone’s going to vote for him after this shit,” said Eyeopener sports editor Devin Jones, who joined the protests so quickly that he forgot to throw out his empty coffee cup.

Mackenzie has not left his office since the protest started, and has not responded to media questions about his resignation.

More to come.

With files from Robert Mackenzie

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