BREAKING: Leaked videos show Mackenzie insulting colleagues, planning illegal activity

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By Pew Chalmers

Two leaked cellphone videos appear to show leading fun candidate Robert Mackenzie insulting Eyeopener staff and admitting to illegal activities.

In the first video, Mackenzie claims that incumbent fun editor, and opponent in the upcoming election, Skyler Ash has a “fake name.” In the video, Mackenzie says that he would “like to see a birth certificate.”

Mackenzie continues in the video to call The Eyeopener’s news team (editors Al Downham, Keith Capstick and Nicole Schmidt) the “snooze team,” followed by calling Eyeopener media editor Robert Foreman “Robert SNOREman.”

In the second video, Mackenzie says that after he is elected he will, “go in there and see how much the Ryersonian gives me for it,” and that he will “see how much money he can make off of it.”

These videos were given to The Eyeopener for free by an anonymous source, who said they “wanted people to see Robert’s true motives.”

Last semester, Mackenzie infamously resigned from his position as fun editor after a Funvestigation revealed that he was using the section to embezzle more than $350,000.

The Eyeopener sent the videos to Mackenzie in an email, asking for comment. Here is his official written response:

“This stuff is trash. This is slander and you all are just out to get me. Let it be known that I am very smart, knowledgeable and that I get lots of A’s and B’s in class. I will not be afraid to pursue legal action if you intend to publish this nonsense.”

More to come.

With files from Robert Mackenzie

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