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Ryerson law school expected to run by 2020

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By Sarah Krichel

Ryerson plans to have a law school fully operational by 2020, according to a letter of intent that was released this week.

The proposal for the new juris doctor program at Ryerson has been in the works since 2007.

“The aim is to produce practice-ready legal professionals with the knowledge and transferable skills required to compete in a rapidly changing profession,” the letter states.

The process of building the program at Ryerson was postponed in the summer of 2008 because of the provincial government refusing to fund any new law school proposals, so the school put the process on hold and kept the idea active “by other means.” 

Ryerson hosted a conference in the fall of the same year and decided to move forward with the proposal to bring together faculty that was already researching law-related topics. The following year, the proposal passed Senate.

A Feasibility Committee will look into institutional arrangements for establishing a Ryerson law school as its own faculty. A proposal will be introduced at Ryerson at two upcoming town halls.

Senate approval is expected by May 2017 and the first intake of students is expected to be in September 2018.  


  1. Out of all the beautiful buildings at Ryerson.. Why post a picture of the old library lol

  2. RYERSON LAW SCHOOL is a great idea , long overdue .

    Canada most definitely needs a new law school .

    Ryerson U , a top academic institution ,
    is superbly capable and greatest choice for
    a new law school .
    I will be first to sign up !

    Congratulations RU !

  3. “Canada most definitely needs a new law school”

    Are you kidding? You must be employed by Ryerson. There is already an articling crisis and Ryerson wants to make a buck of law students. The last thing Canada needs is a new law school. Canada needs legal insurance, more expansive legal aid and better regulation so some 1st year call can’t be charging $300 / hr when they have no idea what they’re doing.

  4. 1st year calls aren’t charging $300 per hour. They are mostly paid less than carpenters. It’s firm partners and law school employees who are making the money. The best rationale for a law school at Ryerson would be a Toronto opportunity for incoming students who mightn’t graduate with a $120K debt. Of course, the oversupply of students who are so financially burdened that they will accept work at about half the rate new associates made 15 years ago will not be addressed by bringing in a new law school and graduating larger cohorts of JD grads. Perhaps U of T and Osgoode should be required to reduce their class sizes to make way for Ryerson students.

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